What we do

  • Magento


    We're Magento experts - we don't use words like "ninjas", "gurus" or "legends", but other people have been known to use those words to describe us (which is nice). We've worked exclusively in Magento for years - from one-off changes to complete site builds, through performance tweaking, maintenance, module development and much more, we know it inside and out.

  • Design


    Design is all-important - no matter how great your site is from a technical perspective, if it doesn't look good too, it won't pull its weight. We design sites from scratch, work with others to create fantastic sites, and can ensure that you get the site your brand deserves. We'll never over-sell you design solutions, though - if your needs, or budget, are best served by a ready made template, tweaked to perfection, then we'll say so!

  • Maintenance


    With great power, comes great temperamentalilty. Magento is a fickle beast at the best of times, so whether it's troubleshooting pesky problems, or regular tweaking, updates and maintenance to ensure that it's firing on all cylinders, we've got the tools to keep it ticking along. If your site's in need of a service, or you've got a problem that's causing you issues, get in touch.

  • Optimisation


    Magento has a reputation for being a bit of a brute - with all the power and flexibility inevitably comes relatively high requirements on the hardware front. If you think your store is running slowly, don't just throw money at your hosts to get more oomph on your server - get in touch with us to give the site a once over and see what we can do. We've a host of techniques up our sleeve to improve the performance of your site and get the Magento beast to purr gently...!

  • Consultancy


    We don't always have to get our hands dirty doing code - because we know what Magento can do for you, we're well placed to advise on how it can fit into your e-commerce project from the outset. Clients who are thinking of starting a new project, or migrating an existing store, will frequently get us involved from the very beginning to advise on strategy. If this sounds like you...get in touch.

  • White labelling

    White labelling

    We work on a white-label basis for a number of agencies who either don't have specific in-house experience, or just need short-term additions to their team. We're happy to work invisibly in the background, or to get lined up with email addresses and form part of your team in client-facing matters. It'll be between you, us, and the gatepost. Drop us a line for more info - we'll be sure to tell the gatepost.

What we've done

  • Skycig



    Consultancy on migration from Joomla to Magento for the UK's largest online retailer of e-cigarettes
  • Testofuel



    On-going development and troubleshooting for an online retailer of mens' supplements.
  • Tom and Teddy

    Tom and Teddy

    Tom and Teddy

    Full site recreation on migration from Shopify to Magento.
  • Volcano E-Cigs

    Volcano E-Cigs

    Volcano E-Cigs

    Long-term support, development and troubleshooting for an online retailer of electronic cigarettes.
  • diva



    Ongoing development, consultancy and troubleshooting for one of Australia's largest accessory brands.
  • Carr and Westley

    Carr and Westley

    Carr and Westley

    Ongoing consultancy, development, speed improvement and troubleshooting for UK-based online clothing retailer.
  • Discount Tile

    Discount Tile

    Discount Tile

    Site creation and launch for a US-based online retailer of tiles.
  • Simply Wallpaper

    Simply Wallpaper

    Simply Wallpaper

    Complete Magento site redesign for bricks and mortar and online wallpaper retailers.
  • Buy Yorkshire Tea

    Buy Yorkshire Tea

    Buy Yorkshire Tea

    Responsive Magento site for a business selling one of Yorkshire's other best-known exports.

Who we are

  • Giles Bennett

    Giles BennettFounder

    Having written his first website almost twenty years ago, and having specialised in Magento for the last three years, Giles is the founder of Hummingbird UK, spends a lot of his time up to his eyeballs in Magento, and is the main point of contact for clients both old and new - click here to get in touch with him.

  • Lewis Pike

    Lewis PikeSenior Developer

    Lewis is our senior developer - with more experience coding in weird and wonderful languages than you can shake a stick at, he's generally found hunched over his laptop, pecking away at the keyboard, creating great solutions to awkward problems. He has a neat line in Magento modules, and an allergy to Windows-based servers. But then, who doesn't?

  • Liz Bingham

    Liz BinghamDesigner

    The member of the team with the biggest skew towards the right side of her brain, Liz is all about the design side of things - creating designs for new sites, tarting up existing sites, and generally making things look good. Which is lucky, really, as no-one else can even draw...

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