Bluebell Yard launches on Magento 2

Tuesday 27th October saw the launch of the brand new Bluebell Yard website, designed and built by HummingbirdUK for their long-standing clients Bowley and Jackson.

Whilst Bowley and Jackson had operate their own Magento 1 store for a considerable period of time, as a brand new venture the Bluebell Yard site was built directly onto Magento 2. The products were automatically populated from their existing Amazon sales, and integration with Paypal, Sagepay and their inventory management system were built into the development.

Selling a wide-range of unique household and garden items, the site was designed to showcase the products, and let them show themselves off to the fullest extent – a full page hero banner, multiple graphic callouts on the homepage, as well as an instagram feed all combine to let the products shine.