Getting our local online – we give The Jug Inn a website

When time and lockdown restrictions allow, our Founder, Giles, spends fortnightly Wednesday evenings in his local at the boardgaming club that he set up just over a year ago. At the last such evening before the current lockdown was imposed he realised, on chatting to Mick and Jane, that they didn’t have a website.

With local businesses such as pubs and restaurants facing unprecedented struggles in the current climate, Giles figured that the least he could do was to sort them out with a website, free of charge. So a week later, The Jug Inn found itself with its first website in the 198 years of its existence.

At present the site just promotes the pub’s takewaway food offering, but once normality resumes it will serve to highlight events that the pub puts on as well.

As an interesting side-note, Giles was surprised that “” was available as a domain name, until Mick mentioned that the pub is the only one in the country with that specific name. There are plenty of pubs called “The Jug”, but there’s only one “The Jug Inn”. And long may it stay that way.