HummingbirdUK move Racking Solutions to Magento 2

Earlier this year HummingbirdUK finalised the move of Racking Solutions, the Yorkshire-based suppliers of racking and storage solutions, from their existing Magento 1 platform to Magento 2.

It was the most ambitious project that HummingbirdUK has taken on, with a very high volume of sales, day and night, running through three country-specific websites powered from the same installation of Magento. The site incorporated a large number of third party modules, as well as custom coding, and the functionality of all of those needed to be replicated into the Magento 2 version of the site.

Key to the whole process was a seamless transition, not just from the perspective of the customers, but for the staff and all other services that integrated with the site. To reduce downtime the final migration took place first thing on a Saturday morning, and interruption to the site’s availability was kept to a minimum.

The rollout was just the start, though, and since launch HummingbirdUK have been involved in putting in place a serious of continual improvements and modifications to the site to enhance customer experience.