Install Magento over SSH

Following on from yesterday’s post on how best to install WordPress over SSH, this post deals with how to install¬†Magento over SSH.

As before, log in to your site with your chosen SSH client and navigate to the directory you want to install Magento in. Download the latest version of Magento (at the time of writing :


Then unpack the downloaded package :

tar -zxvf magento-

which will unzip it into a directory called “Magento”. Move the contents of that directory to your current directory with the command :

mv magento/* magento/.htaccess .

In case you were wondering, the first part of that command, on its own, will leave the .htaccess file behind, so it’s included with the second part of the command.

Adjust the permissions on the var and media directories with the command :

chmod -R o+w media var

and ditto for the app/etc directory :

chmod o+w app/etc

Finally clear up behind you to remove the (now empty) Magento directory and the original installation file :

rm -rf magento/ magento-

Then continue the installation through Magento’s web-based setup at…good luck!