Magento responsive site conversion

Responsive Conversion

We were recently asked to convert an existing static site for into a responsive site. They were happy with the look and feel of their existing site, but were finding that they were not getting the same number of conversions from customers using their mobile devices, smartphones/tablets, as they were users of laptops and desktops. The only problem? It needed doing fast…

HummingbirdUK took the existing pages of their static layout site and changed the individual elements of the pages so that as the screen real-estate alters, the layout of the page adjusts to make the best use of the space available. In other words, if you are viewing on a device with a small screen, the page looks less cluttered and more “finger friendly”.

Another consideration is to ensure that menus work correctly on touch enable devices. On a smart phone or tablet there is no “hover” functionality, like you would ordinarily get using a mouse or track-pad. To deal with this an additional menu was created that appears at narrow screen widths. This simplified menu drops down when touched to offer menu choices.
Results - immediate

New mobile view (click to zoom)

Fast turnaround

We completed the whole conversion from start to finish in 10 days and we’re rather proud of the end result. If you need your site “responsifying”, why not get in touch!