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New Magento site for The Rowing Camps

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Written by Giles Bennett

We're delighted to announce the launch of a new responsive Magento e-commerce site for The Rowing Camps. Running courses at various venues throughout the south of the country (we'll not hold that against them) during the Easter and Summer holidays, The Rowing Camps turned to HummingbirdUK for their Magento site design after long discussions over their needs.

With a blank canvas, we started with a logo, and from there developed the ethos of the site. With six venues for its initial year, but with plans to expand this considerably, the site needed to be scaleable and easy to administer for The Rowing Camps team so that they could handle as much of the work themselves post-launch.

With a tight deadline for the launch, there was much frantic pounding of keyboards, but it launched 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, and garnered its first sales within a few minutes of launch - something that bodes well for their future.

Author : Giles Bennett

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Giles Bennett built his first website in 1996, and is old enough to miss Netscape Navigator. Initially a lawyer, he jumped ship to IT in 2008, and after 5 years as a freelancer, he founded HummingbirdUK in 2013. He can be reached by email at