New Magento store – Aim To Win

Custom responsive Magento store

We have once again been very busy over the last couple of weeks, with many people realising that their sites needed to be responsive so as not to be penalised by Google’s latest algorithm changes. From 21st April 2015, if you perform a search on a mobile device, Google automatically rank “mobile friendly” sites above sites seen to be static. This “mobile friendly” design is called Responsive Design.

We have just gone live with our latest project Aim To Win, a site selling a brand-new premium range of supplements for athletes. This fully responsive site looks great in any browser (mobile, tablet or desktop) and we think it’s a very modern and stylish looking site.
Results - immediate

Responsive design (click to zoom)

It’s never to late!

Early indications seem to be showing that our hard work converting sites to responsive is paying off and already several clients have seen their sites climb up a few places in the search rankings. Of course, if your site isn’t already responsive, it’s not too late, get in touch today and talk to us about giving your site a responsive conversion!